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The action or activity of gathering information about consumers’ needs and preferences.

At Your Source we run multiple types of Market Research including central location tests, in-home testing, focus groups, in-depth interviews, shop-a-longs and trained panel assessments.

– Product testing is mainly conducted in our purpose built Chadstone and North Sydney locations

– Pop-Up product testing can be conducted anywhere in Australia

– Focus Groups, in-depth interviews and Shop-alongs are conducted in all major cities and regional / rural locations 

We will send out an invite to you via email, SMS or phone. The invite will generally contain a link to a recruitment questionnaire for you to complete. You may or may not qualify, there are no certainties and sometimes you will qualify and it will be for an already filled quota, in which you will have the option to go on to the emergency list. If you are on the emergency list, you may or may not be contacted via the phone if there are cancellations or changes to the recruitment criteria.

If you do qualify, you will be invited to attend a session, and for most projects you will be able to select the session time and day from a list of options and book yourself in.

For on location testing, when you first arrive you will be asked to show your ID and complete a confidentiality form regarding the project, and you may also be asked to re-complete some of the screener questions to verify your previous responses. Then you will be asked to wait in our waiting area until the start of the session. Just before the session begins, you will receive a briefing from one of our Field Leaders, informing you about how to complete the survey and any other key information, please listen carefully to this. You will then be taken to your seat/booth and logged in to the computer in front of you by the kitchen staff. You will them proceed to complete the survey, and any products to be tested will be passed through to you either directly or through a booth window. Once you have completed all the required tasks, you will then be given your reward, which includes important instructions on how to active the EFTPOS card.

For an in-home product test, you will be receiving the product in one of two ways, either in person at one of our central locations or sent out to you in the post. When you collect the product in person, you will be briefed regarding all aspects of completing the research, and you will also receive a paper copy of the instructions. If the product is mailed out to you, you will receive a paper copy of the instructions only. Once product is collected or received, you will be emailed a link for the questionnaire on the date advised in the instructions, to be completed by you according to the instructions provided. Once all required tasks are completed by you and the project is concluded, you will be sent your reward via email or post.

For focus groups in person: When you arrive at the venue you will be greeted by a host, who will ask you to sign in and sit you in a waiting area. Once it is time for the group to start, you will be escorted to the group room, where you will meet the moderator and introduce yourselves to everyone in the group. During a focus group, the moderator will bring up a variety of topics to discuss and ask for

input from everyone in the group. In most cases, light refreshments will be provided. At the end of the group discussion, you will receive your reward, handed to you by the moderator or host.

For online focus groups/one on one interviews/Discussion Boards: You will be given instructions via phone and email regarding how to log on to the group at the time specified, and any other important information. During the group, a moderator will type their questions, and everyone will write their responses, you may also be asked to upload photos or video, which will be explained to you prior to the start of the group. If you are participating in a discussion board, you will log in over multiple days and respond to various questions and activities over those days. Once you have completed all required tasks for these online projects and the project has concluded, you will be sent your reward via the post.

For one on one Interviews and shop-a-longs in person, you will meet with a moderator at a set time and location and introduce yourself. The moderator will then talk to you one on one regarding the topic of the discussion. If you are on a shop-a-long, the moderator will walk with you around the store and observe your actions and discuss with you the topic of the project. Once the interview has been concluded, the moderator will hand you the reward.

When you qualify you will receive an email confirming your attendance, detailing your session date and time, as well as instructions on how to find the location. If you have Hotmail or Gmail, please also check your Junk/Spam, as these two are well known for putting our emails in to Junk/Spam.

The night before your session, or sometimes 2 nights before, you will either receive a phone call or SMS confirming your attendance to the research.

If for any reason you can no longer attend or need to change your session time, we would really appreciate if you contact us ASAP as we will need to replace you if you are cancelling. You can contact us via 1800 555 145 (if unanswered please leave a message) or sessions@yrsource.com.

Please note: If according to our records we find that you are attending the sessions you are booked in to, without contacting us, on multiple occasions, we will cancel your membership.

Our clients are generally looking for specific types of people, they believe are most suited to their product or service, therefore they will specify to Your Source who these people are, and we then ask you questions to check if you fit in to this category. Not everyone will qualify for everything, some of our projects have very low incidences in the community and some are very high… Do not be discouraged if you do not qualify for a particular project, we do run multiple projects throughout the year, so you are likely to find at least one you will qualify for.

In almost all projects, the recruitment data for members who do not qualify or those who do qualify but do not participate in the evaluation are not used or sent on to the client, as the client only requires the recruitment data for those who completed the full evaluation.

No person details such as name, contact details or identifying information are passed on to the client. The ony exception to this will be when required by the project/client and in those circumstances you will be asked if you consent to this before the study starts.

Our clients like to hear from a variety of people, therefore we need to set quotas for the different types of respondents to participate in our research projects. For example, we may have a test evaluating lollies, and lollies are a popular product. The client however wants to hear from multiple types of users, not just those who eat lollies regularly, but also from those who eat lollies occasionally. So we need to ensure we recruit a spread of regular and occasional users to gain a variety of opinions and perspectives.  When recruitment begins, the most commonly answered quota will fill first, in this case regular users and then we need to find occasional users.

If you do qualify for an already filled quota, you will have the option to go on to the emergency list. If you are on the emergency list, you may or may not be contacted via the phone if there are cancellations or changes to the recruitment criteria

For all research facilitated by Your Source, you will be paid with a Your Source EFTPOS card. For any product tests on location, you generally will receive the reward on the spot once you have successfully completed the research. You will need to sign a form to say you have received the EFTPOS card. If you participate in a home product test, you will be sent the EFTPOS card via the post or email.

For group discussions and interviews in person, you will receive the EFTPOS card in person and for telephone interviews and online groups, you will be posted the EFTPOS card.

The Your Source EFTPOS card can be used in any location that accepts EFTPOS Australia wide, though it cannot be used online. It works the same as an EFTPOS card, you swipe on the EFTPOS machine, select savings and enter the PIN found on the back of the card.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These cards provided are required to be ACTIVATED by the person receiving them within 3 MONTHS, therefore YOU will need to ensure you go on to the website www.activateacard.com.au to activate the card. Please also note that the balance on the card will show as $0 until 12pm the next business day. The card is valid for 12 months after the activation date.

You are welcome to email us at panel@yrsource.com to make any changes to your details.

We understand that circumstances change and sometimes you want to leave us. To do this, when you receive an email from us there is an option to unsubscribe at the bottom of the email, all you need to do is click this and send the email the pops up. Alternatively, you can email us at panel@yrsource.com and ask to unsubscribe and we will do this for you.

Data Privacy and Security

We are members of AMSRO and AMSRS and are compliant with their Codes of Conduct.  We are also Certified for ISO20252:2012.

Electronic Data

Colmar Brunton has strict data management, processing and storage protocols in place to maximise the quality and security of all survey material and outputs in this program. This starts with how the survey is programmed, including built-in routing, consistency and validity checks as standard.

All survey data is captured and stored within Colmar Brunton’s proprietary SQL databases and subject to multiple layers of security including database level security, with only access to the data by Colmar Brunton tech developers and authorised administration team with 2 factor sign on.

Transmission of data will follow encryption standards via SSL certified mean like HTTPS and FTPS.

Your data Stays in Australia

“All Colmar Brunton IT&T systems are hosted by Macquarie Telecom IC1. High capacity SAN storage devices are used to store all virtual servers and project data.

IC1 is located in George Street Sydney, NSW and the DR fail over to IC2 located in North Ryde, NSW.